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  • Help us connect our community to our partners and sponsors. 

  • Invite your neighbors/friends to our events and share your experiences

  • Invite them to join our Facebook page.

  • Help us connect our community of women. 

  • Join our Facebook group and invite your

  • Share your stories and experiences online and at our members events

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Donate your birthday to Ladies 327

We’re excited to share that you can now donate your birthday to Ladies 327, Inc. through Facebook! It’s a chance to celebrate the connections you've made and the community we've built.  

Although you can get started anytime, we recommend you start two weeks from your birthday. Below are three easy steps to create and customize your Birthday Fundraiser.

Step 1  Click the link above to begin, and select Ladies 327, Inc.
Step 2  Set your fundraising goal and timeline, and share your story!
Step 3  Invite your friends to celebrate with you. The more the better!
  • Invite your neighbors/friends/family to our events and share your experiences!

  • Ensure people stay connected by inviting them to join our Facebook page.

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  • Volunteers are a gift to any organization

  • Providing  physical in person-support is vital to be able to continue to participate with and support our non-profits & our community

  • Contact us through email (

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