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Board Members

Interested in learning how you can help us with our mission?

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Board of Directors

Every event the Ladies 327, Inc  hosts or participates in, takes countless hours of work: from idea to execution,

there's multiple planning meetings, submitting for permits, meeting with local leaders, obtaining sponsors,

marketing, logistics planning, setting-up on the day of the event, running the event, cleaning-up after, to

measuring the impact made post-event.

Board members are a vital part of the success of our 501(c)(3). 

The Board meets monthly to review events, financial commitments, and ensure the ethical integrity

of the organization and those start-up organizations that Ladies 327, Inc directs.

The Board is responsible for overseeing all the organization's activities.

Our board members are 100% volunteer -- no one is paid or compensated for their time.

Kim Colegrove | President

Phyllis Butlien | Treasurer

Brent Colegrove | Secretary

Lissette Reina | Board Member

Michael Hernandez | Board Member, The Learning Movement

Michelle Simoneaux | Board Member, Sponsor

Karen Raborn | Board Member at Large

Robyn Esser | Board Member, Sponsor

Natalie Miller | Board Member, Volunteer Coordinator

Interested in joining our board?

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