NonProfit Update July 2020

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

As many of you know, Ladies 327 became a 501(c)3 non profit organization in December 2016. The decision was made to do so since our members were bringing donations to our lunch, dinner and happy hours to help support other local non profits in the area, so to keep everything above board the decision was made to have L327 become a non profit so we could continue to support others either financially or by donating items that were needed. We haven't given an update on the non profit part in some time so we thought we would do that today!

Ladies 327 has a board of directors that meets each month to plan and go over events that L327 will be participating in throughout the community. Also, decisions are made on where and who to donate either items or funds that have been requested of L327.

  • Ladies 327 board meetings are open meetings and anyone may attend; contact anyone on the board of directors to find out when the meeting dates are.

  • You may also at anytime request copies of meeting minutes or financials. As a non profit we are required to file taxes each year and those reports are also available upon request.

  • We are also registered with the Department of Agriculture and are financials are also submitted to them each year as well to maintain our non profit status.

  • In 2017 L327 tax return showed us bringing in over $41,000.00, 98% of that went back into the community.

  • In 2018 L327 tax return showed us bringing in over $82,000.00, over 96% of that went back into the community.

  • In 2019 L327 tax return showed us bringing in over $111,000.00, 94% of that went back into the community.

We do have expenses that we pay each month such as our liability insurance, accountant fees, copy machine lease( we do print at no charge for any of our local non profits), office and warehouse space rental( in November of 2019 we were able to move all of L327 supplies for the kid zones we do and the office set up to 307 E 2nd St. in Sanford), we have tax filing fees each year along with some other administrative costs and application fees to keep our non profit status.

No one on the L327 board receives any compensation or salary.

3 years ago Sanford Jazz in the Park was started to raise funds to sponsor kids that are chosen to take part in the Cops for Christmas Program. Also, 2020 will be the 3rd year that the Sanford Caddyshack Open will take place which also is a fundraiser for Cops for Christmas that L327 sponsors and does with FOP lodge 140 with the Sanford Police Department. Last year we were able to take over 100 children Christmas shopping!

It has been amazing to see how L327 has grown over the last 5 years and it is still mind blowing to see how our members have continued to be so generous and supportive of our community.

Ladies 327 current board of directors are as follows:

Kim Colegrove- President

Cendra Ray - Treasurer

Brent Colegrove- Secretary

Natalie Miller- IT and website support

Jamie Grover

Ron Thomas

Michelle Simoneaux

Tiffany Palmer

Leigh Anne Morrison

Lissette Reina

Michael Hernandez - oversee The Learning Movement

Erica Harrison - oversee The Learning Movement

You can also check out our website to see the non profits we partner with, our sponsors and events.

Please feel free to reach out to any of the board members if you have any questions or concerns about the non profit aspect of Ladies 327.

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